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Silan restaurant in Miami Beach offers pre-paid Shabbat meals that are glatt kosher. All meals are freshly prepared with the highest quality ingredients, providing a delicious and satisfying experience. Enjoy a traditional Shabbat meals with your friend and family without the hustle of cooking and cleaning.

Friday Night Dinner

Pre set on each table


Red Wine, Grape Juice, Challah

Assortment of 8 Salads and Dips

First Course

Moroccan Salmon


Gefilte Fish with Horseradish

Second Course

Chicken Soup with Matzo Ball and Vegetables

Main Course Family Style (rotate)

Minute roast with Mushroom and Onion

Herbs Roasted Chicken/ Stuffed chicken

Stuffed Cabbage/ Chicken Schnitzel

Roasted Vegetables/ Green beans

Fingerling potato/ roasted potato

White Rice/ yellow rice


Dessert buffet with petit-fours and fresh fruits

Coffee and Tea Station

Open Premium Bar

Kiddush Buffet

Assorted herring, cold fish

Gefilte Fish and Horseradish

Chop Liver salad, Egg salad

Pre set on each table

Red Wine, Challah Roll and Grape Juice, Flat and Sparkling Water

Assorted of salads and dips


Lunch Buffet/Family Style

Potato Kugel, Yerushalmi Kugel

Beefy Cholent with Kishka

 Apricot Chicken/ Lemon Chicken

Sweet Meatballs/ Sweet and Sour Chicken

Franks in a Blanket

Carving Station

Pastrami, Corned beef, Smoked Turkey


Assorted petit-fours and fresh fruit

Coffee and tea

Open Premium Bar

Saturday Lunch

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